We belive our first responsibility is to people who use our buildings in their common lives. Whether it is an office building or a private house, hotel or a pavilion, from the beginning of the design process we work alongside with technical specialists in search of the most practical and creative solutions. We use sustainability principles to guide our decisions across the whole design process. It makes our buildings friendly to the environment and uplifting living standards of customers.

  • Creative
  • Functional
  • Sustainable


In meeting the needs, interiors we create are always directed to provide well-balanced environment. We believe that the best decisions are those that we make in cooperation with clients. Our design approach is based on a patient dialog in order to gain an understanding of client’s needs and to reach the most accurate solution. Every detail we design and material we select are well-thought-out.

The span of interior types we do is not limited. We have created private houses, apartments, office spaces, restaurants, hotels and always open to something new.

  • Understanding of a client’s needs
  • Interiors convenient for usage purpose
  • Attantive to materials and details


The starting point of our urban design process is to analyze the area from the historical, demographical, functional and other sides depending on it’s location. Research is carried on careful and at the same time experimental way. Masterplans we design out of that are well-balanced and integrate harmoniously with the existing environment.

  • Design through research
  • Functional and balanced environment
  • Conforming to barrier-free environment